Marcy was sadistic.  Privately dominating me turned her on more than anything else.  I’ll admit, when she tied me down slapped her hand against my ass, my cock responded.  Whenever she finished torturing me, she’d usually let me climb on top of her and fuck her senseless.  She was always soaking wet by that point so I knew the power trip of tying me down really did it for her.  She always managed slip inside my head and fill my mind with such intense lust that I’d find myself begging for her to do things to me I’d never ordinarily think would be sexy.  Hell, before meeting her, I never thought getting struck would be sexy.

Still, one night stands out in my mind.  Marcy and I had enjoyed a few glasses of wine at the restaurant down the street from her flat when she slid a deceptively slim looking box across the table.  It was black and wrapped with a single gold ribbon tied in a bow.  We made eye contact and while holding my gaze she told me to go to a bathroom stall, open the box, and follow the instructions.

Marcy and I had a good thing going on.  I wasn’t about to say no.  We’d been dating for a while and I’d promised her that I would do anything that wasn’t outside my boundaries.  I’d more than promised her, I’d guaranteed I’d agree to anything that didn’t run afoul of my three P’s: perilous, public, or permanent.  Of course, I interpreted the peril part broadly to exclude anything dangerous or unsafe.  Still, I was a man of my word and I retreated to the bathroom with the box in hand.

Thankfully the place was empty and the stall was clean.  I settled down and unwrapped the box.  She’d put a lot of thought into the night.  Her instructions were typed and clear.  The box contained a slightly daunting looking butt-plug and a small vial of lubricant.  I followed her instructions quickly.  I made sure the colon was clear, lubricated the black silicone plug, and began to force it in.  As I struggled to push myself past the thickest point and onto the narrower bit between the plug itself and the flared base, another guy walked into the bathroom and started pissing at the urinal.  Thankfully my feet were positioned ordinarily in case he chanced a look under the stall.  I got the plug in pretty quickly at that point, re-tucked my shirt and went to wash my hands.

It felt incredibly odd, standing around with this thing inside me, washing my hands and pretending like everything was normal.  It was transgressive and I’m sure I probably looked a little flustered, even slightly flushed, but I don’t think the fellow noticed.  I was safely protected by the common masculine code.  Thou must not look at another man whilst in the restroom.  Unfortunately, these stable rules didn’t protect me as I walked back to the table.

As instructed, I winked at her while walking my way back to let her know I had it in me.  She laughed and suddenly the plug started buzzing and vibrating inside me.  The surprise flashed across my face and she laughed harder, showing her teeth and tossing her hair.  She used the wireless remote to turn it off as I sat down.  When the waiter approached and asked if we’d like dessert, she fired it up again and I fumbled my words, eventually managing to tell the man that we’d just like the check.

She’d had the evening well planned and enjoyed the level of control she had.  I was ready to go home and fuck, but she wanted to hit a bar or two and get me a little drunker.  Every place we went she’d keep goosing me from the inside while we talked to waitstaff.  She kept my cock so hard that the clear imprint tented my pants and made me nervous that my conspicuous erection would draw attention.

Finally we got back to her place.  She flipped the switch turning the vibrating plug on its strongest setting and tossed the controls across the room.  We practically attacked each other.  Kissing, licking, slurping and losing clothes while tumbling towards the bed.  In a moment, I had nothing but my boxer briefs and only her panties remained.

This is where she paused the action and took charge, ordering me onto my knees and lashing my hands and forearms together before tying them to the front of the bed.  When asked, I drew up on my knees with my ass quivering up in the air.  It was a pretty vulnerable position with my elbows and forearms flat on the bed and bearing most of my weight.  I couldn’t move much as she traced her fingers over my legs and back and pressed the palm of her hand flat against the base of the plug.  She used that pressure to rotate it around inside  me.  Groans and gasps escaped my lips.

Peeling my boxer-briefs off was a relatively simple affair.  I lifted one leg and then the other.  Then, they were gone.  Suddenly, I realized how incredibly vulnerable my position was and how much of a slut Marcy had made me.  Still, it wasn’t about to end.  

Marcy held the base of the plug with one hand and slapped my ass, with the other.  She knew exactly what she was doing and it hurt.  She alternated, striking first with her palm and then again with the back of her hand.  She was able to slap twice as much with just one hand.  Involuntarily, the pain began driving me forward,  but Marcy held the plug still.  She just kept beating my ass until I inched forwarded enough to draw myself off the plug.  That’s when Marcy’s real plan became clear.

She pulled out her dildo, a silicone toy somewhat larger than the plug I’d just escaped.  It was lubricated and ready to go.  Marcy held the tip against my sphincter and instructed me to push back and fuck myself on it until I got all the way down.  She left one hand on the small of my back and the other holding the dildo still so I never once indulged myself in the illusion that I was in control.  Once I made it all the way down on the back end, she started whacking away at my ass again, cruelly using the pain to drive me forward and off of her dildo.  

It was out of me and I was quivering from the pain.  I didn’t expect her next move though.  Instead of making me fuck myself on it again, she suddenly jerked my ankles up and left me completely prostrate while tying my ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed.  Once I was thoroughly spread eagle, Marcy asked me if I loved her.

Confusion shot through my mind.  We’d never dropped the L-bomb before.  I mean, we’d dated for a while but I didn’t think either of us was ready to start using that term.  I stammered a bit and then felt a powerful swat from the small leather whip we played with descend on my ass.  I couldn’t get a word out, the only sounds I could make were yelps of pain.  She paused caressed my ass and asked me again.  I hesitated and the barrage of blows renewed.  When she stopped, I could feel her caressing my ass and sliding the plug back in.  This time, I answered without reservation and told her I loved her and that I would do anything she wanted and that I was completely her slut.

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  2. I’m liking your writing! Keep it up and I will definitely be back for more!

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